the first supper


The full road crew for ‪#‎HAA2015‬ was confirmed tonight, as Ben Sutton joins his good friend Ols Nicholls as a fully signed up crazy person…. It is an absolute pleasure to have both Ben and Ols on the team, they have known each other since high school, and I imagine this will be the biggest test of…

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no more mr fat guy

before and after

At the end of December 2011, I was obese, I smoked, I didn’t exercise, I ate all the wrong things, I laughed at people running, I used all the usual excuses under the sun (e.g. “you have to die of something, may as well enjoy it while you can”) and deep down, I was unhappy,…

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how this all came about


I blame Facebook. I blame Facebook for a LOT of things, but in this instance I specifically blame Facebook for the very fact that I am committed to running and walking about 5400km in a couple of months from now… It is Facebook’s fault for 3 key reasons… 1. Planting a Seed There is an…

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why I run for heart


“so are you doing it for charity?” I heard this question many many times, people genuinely didn’t seem to understand why I wanted to run or walk from Perth to Brisbane. The fact is, that in the early days, my motivation for what has become “Hearts Across Australia”, was to provide an undeniable, practical demonstration…

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sunday morning run, breaky and sponsor visit

after having a great run Saturday morning, Sunday brought the opportunity to have a very pleasant run/walk around the Swan River, a yummy breakfast treat, and then a bit of time catching up with the awesome guys at Runwest in case you weren’t aware – Runwest are sponsors and supporters of Hearts Across Australia and a…

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run to parkrun and back again

after cancelling training on Friday, the aim was to do a couple of reasonable sessions over the weekend, without stacking things up too much. despite some fun and games (after oversleeping Saturday morning) I had a decent 8km run to my local parkrun, ran the 5km loop there, enjoyed a bit of social time, and…

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the secret to my success (or one of them at least)

latest video log, produced with the assistance of Run Forest Run, going into details of how I squeeze in a few extra kms most week days. #HAA2015 #vlog

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the week the music died (temporarily)


it may surprise some of you to know, I am not perfect, I do need sleep, and I am NOT a machine. last weekend, I completed 60km of walking on the Friday, 5km of running on the Saturday, and half marathon run plus 14km walk on the Sunday, to take the total for 3 days…

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HAA VLOG: Hardest thing today was getting up and out there. Was really glad I di…

HAA VLOG: Hardest thing today was getting up and out there. Was really glad I did though. Let us know what you think of the video – this one’s had a bit of a makeover from Run Forest Run to make it a little more interesting 🙂 #HAA2015 #NMMFG HAA V-Log 19 Feb 2014.…

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They say that every picture tells a story, well what THIS picture says to me is….

They say that every picture tells a story, well what THIS picture says to me is… Over a period of 4 months, I will be covering (on foot) the same distance as if I were to go from Portugal to Bosnia, down through Greece and Turkey, cut across Ukraine and finish on the western edges…

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