18th of May 2019 11:02 AM Link
First event with the current fundraising focus
#defibs4parkrun #loveparkrun HBF Run for a Reason
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15th of May 2019 06:35 AM Link
4 years ago today, I spent my 46th birthday picking up the camper van, shopping for initial supplies, driving around doing various things, and having my car die on me... one of the things about that day, and the overall experience, was the way people were so generous and helpful. A friend (Ben) checked my engine and organised getting the car moved while I continued preparations, parkrunners got behind us everywhere we went, random strangers donated cash and even bought food and paid for accomodation for us...

So today, on the occasion of my 50th birthday, I am very happy to put this link up and invite you all to donate, share and even join the team as a fundraiser yourself... to raise the funds that will provide defibs to st least 10 new parkrun events over the course of the next 12 months.

parkrun is a huge part of my life, and an amazing free way to improve mental and physical health, be part of a community and feel connected. It aligns fully with the original mission of Hearts Across Australia, and something I feel very passionate about helping spread.

To set up a new parkrun, the event team need to raise $5k plus $2k for a portable defib unit. Often the 5k can be raised through council grant, leaving a $2k barrier for the prospective team to overcome.

As a way of giving back to parkrun, I aim
to raise enough to provide defibs to at least 10 new events in the next 12 months, and thereby make it just a little bit easier for 10 communities to reap the benefits of having their own free 5km timed event.

https://www.gofundme.com/haa-defibs-4-parkrun?teamInvite=hZzTrs31gGuYQfSzhY0jgwnlVncooLAMVz86a2oDbdgvyMkTfnB7bqGKfhyeFnuV #HAA #defibs4parkrun #loveparkrun
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10th of May 2019 10:29 PM Link
Hey everyone 😊

After a long hiatus, a bit of thinking of where to next, and putting focus towards work, parkrun and personal life... we are back, sort of 😜

Based on my experience as event ambassador, and hearing the experiences of others, new parkrun events often hit an issue of having the $5k needed for start up, but struggling a bit with the $2k needed for a defib.

The good news is that existing events appear to be fully kitted out with defibs now - so it would be nice to help remove one of the barriers experienced by new events.

So keep an eye out soon for a GoFundMe campaign, with a goal to provide the defib cash to at least 10 new events over the next 12 months.

I’ll be using my own running and triathlon event participation to help promote the cause, encourage others to do the same, and between us help deliver the benefits of having a parkrun event to at least 10 communities 😊
#loveparkrun #defibs4parkrun #haa2019 #heartsacrossaustralia
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10th of April 2019 07:49 PM Link
So the crazy / inspiring team at USWA have come up with an absolutely unbelievable idea...

If you live close to Perth, if you have never run an ultramarathon of any kind, and you KNOW deep down inside that you are capable of something truly amazing, then check this out.

Couch to 200 Miler - yup forget couch to 5k, this is going to take 2 lucky victims to their first 200 mile multi-day ultra 😳😳😳

The initial stages are open to more people, and ultimately the team will select one male and one female who will receive a 12 month package of training, support, physio, apparel, event entry fees and more - all designed to take them through to the 200 mile ultramarathon goal.

This is ridiculous, this is unbelievable, this is an opportunity to truly make life amazing.

So will you dare apply? 😊
12th of February 2019 05:47 PM Link
So how many of you are doing this and what have you signed up for over the two months?

I think I nominated 100km, which will be a big ask I think lol

That said, parkrun alone should contribute 40km over the two months, so maybe not so outlandish after all.
Message image
12th of February 2019 05:41 PM Link
Ruslan is almost done - actually he’s probably all finished by now... and to recover from his run across Australia, he’s going to run across New Zealand 😳
5th of February 2019 06:04 PM Link
This arrived in the mail today. Already on chapter 7. I stumbled on it recently - Deanna walked from Perth to Sydney, unsupported, in 1998... check out her website for more info https://www.radiantcoaching.com.au
Message image
5th of February 2019 10:48 AM Link
12.5km at the @ultraserieswa #forestseries #leaningtuarts event. The first recorded kms towards the February and March goal for @ozvirtualracing @heartkids #virtualrun

Still time to sign up - it’s a great cause!
#haa #heartkids #virtualrun
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17th of January 2019 01:25 PM Link
Here everyone - this virtual run from Oz Virtual Events is for an extremely good cause. I was fortunate to meet a few Heart Kids parents during my time on the road, so I will definitely be signing up.

Who’s with me? 😊
Message image
13th of January 2019 02:10 PM Link
Any HAA followers know this guy? Very cool

More info here - http://www.abc.net.au/local/photos/2015/05/15/4236612.htm
17th of September 2018 06:27 AM Link
one incredible moment, captured 3 years ago today. It’s impossible to describe how it felt that day, walking into Brisbane with friends and supporters, a goal set, planned for and achieved. We raised a good few dollars, met some amazing and wonderful people, encountered so many positive aspects of human nature... in many ways I’m still processing what it all meant, the long term impacts... and feeling the pull to freedom each time I see an open road... it was amazing, and I remain grateful to those who played there part in making it happen, and those who became part of the story as it all unfolded. #nmmfg #makelifeamazing #haa2015 #perth2brisbane #smallsteps2greatachievements @heartsacrossaustralia @heartfoundationaustralia @hokaoneoneaustralia @tailwindnutritionaustralia @usanainc @parkrunau
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4th of September 2018 07:55 PM Link
So who’s up for a cheeky little Marathon distance over the course of October? 42.2kms walked, jogged, sprinted or crawled... over a few hours or the whole month - it’s up to you!

To join the HAA team, register at https://www.mymarathon.com.au and specify Hearts Across Australia as your team 😊

or to donate, head to https://mymarathon2018.everydayhero.com/au/gary #HAA2018 #heartsacrossaustralia #mymarathonau
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30th of August 2018 08:39 PM Link
Hey peeps - check out the awesome Wayne McMurtie and his crazy 1500km adventure... Brisbane to Winton for a great cause!
1st of July 2018 07:15 AM Link
And she’s done! 2:58:17 - great work Caro. Now time to rest and refuel 😊😊
Message image
1st of July 2018 06:58 AM Link
Keeping an eye on the race tracker for Caro Vos, running the half marathon event at Gold Coast - and flying the banner for HAA

Not long to go now!
Message image
21st of June 2018 06:24 AM Link
not long to go now before the 40th running of this fantastic event. The #HAA representation may be down to a single runner, due to various circumstances, however we wish Caro Vos all the best, hope you enjoy the taper and have a great event! @gcmarathon #HAA2018 #defibs4parkrun https://asf.org.au/communities/parkrun/defibs-4-parkrun-australia/
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16th of June 2018 07:47 PM Link
This happened at an Australian parkrun event today - in short, it shows exactly why defibs are a vital piece of equipment, and why every parkrun should have one.

I have in mind a plan to use HAA to help provide new events with the 2k required for a defib. As a parkrun Event Ambassador, and seeking to be Event Director of a new event local to me, I know it can be a significant barrier to overcome.

In the interim, while I figure that out, I invite all of you to continue to support HAA, and parkrun, by contributing to the existing defib fundraiser - link below!

7th of May 2018 08:54 AM
Something a little bit different...

I’ve been contacted by Alison Branley from the ABC, who is working, with ABC’s medical reporter Sophie Scott, on a piece about the cost of pacemakers in private hospitals.

They want to talk to anyone who had a St Jude (abbott) pacemaker inserted in a private hospital, so if is relevant to any of you, or anyone you know, then please contact Alison as below:

Alison Branley
Specialist Reporting Team

P +61 8333 3043

M +61 438 676 124

E Branley.alison@abc.net.au
26th of March 2018 04:49 AM Link
Are you ready to take your walking to the next level?

Join the Heart Foundation Walking One million steps challenge! You’ll have 20 weeks to walk towards one million steps, receiving recognition for each milestone you reach. Get to 1 million steps, or 100 group walks, and you could win an Auswalk walking holiday! To join you need to be a member of Heart Foundation Walking, either by being part of a group or as an individual. Register via the free Heart Foundation Walking app.
http://bit.ly/PMsOneMillionSteps #HeartFoundationWalking #WalkYourselfHappy #PMs1millionsteps
*Conditions apply. Ends 11/08/18. Open to AU residents 17+ via HFW App or Group. SA T18/111 ACT TP 18/00183
12th of March 2018 07:49 PM Link
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12th of March 2018 07:49 PM Link
Message image
22nd of February 2018 06:29 AM Link
As you know, I’m a big fan of defibs, and an even bigger fan of parkrun. If you’ve got a few dollars spare, there are worse things you could do than help this parkrun event raise the dollars needed to meet the startup requirement of having a defib 😊
26th of January 2018 08:10 PM Link
Are you still sitting on the fence about the Gold Coast Marathon 2018? With full marathon, half marathon and 10km race options to choose from, there really is something to entice everyone to what will be a great celebration of the festival's 40th year.

Sign up as part of the Hearts Across Australia team and you won't even need to pay right now - group payment is made in a couple of months from now.

We will be encouraging HAA team members to promote the #defibs4parkrun fundraiser, helping parkrun Australia achieve its goal of providing a defib to each parkrun event across the country.

In addition to the race day itself, the plan will be to converge at one of the Gold Coast parkrun events on the Saturday morning, and perhaps a group of us heading to the expo (after post-parkrun brekkie of course!)

It's going to be an amazing weekend, a wonderful event, a glorious location, and a chance to bump into many familiar faces from Facebookland!

ENTER today at http://entergoldcoastmarathon.com.au, and select Hearts Across Australia as your team. The team code you will need is HAA....

Go on, be a GCM #HAAmigo you know it makes sense 🙂
Event https://www.facebook.com/events/1409381992505459/
Team HAA - Gold Coast Marathon 2018
Be part of one of the best running weekends in Australia. Whether it's marathon, half marathon, or 10km that grabs your ...
29th of June 2018 06:00 PM
26th of January 2018 06:21 AM Link
I wish all friends, supporters and followers a happy, dignified and reflective Australia Day. This is a wonderful place to call home, and a country I feel very deeply connected to, especially since having the amazing opportunity to explore on foot. I am grateful for the opportunities I’ve had here, the people I’ve met here, and am very proud to call myself Australian.
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26th of January 2018 06:14 AM Link
Message image
26th of January 2018 06:14 AM Link
Message image
3rd of January 2018 07:16 AM Link
So who has some health, fitness and wellbeing goals for 2018? A great way to track your walking and running is on Run Down Under, a virtual run around the whole of Australia. With great visual tracking tools and a supportive community, RDU has been an awesome part of my running kit for a few years now. Be sure to sign up with Hearts Across Australia as your primary club, and start that virtual lap of Australia today!
28th of December 2017 10:17 PM Link
Our friends and long-term supporters at Runwest are relocating, and to mark the occasion they are offering some generous discounts. Muz at Runwest was one of the first people to get onboard with the crazy idea to cross the country on foot, introduced me to the Hoka Stinson Lite, donated shoes and socks in the lead up to it all, and was instrumental in gaining the support and backing of Hoka One One Australia.

Do yourself a favour and pick up some great shoes at a great price!

And if you're local, don't forget to take note of the new shop address!

All the best in the new shop, guys!

27th of December 2017 08:12 AM Link
If you're not part of this, then you probably should be 😊 a great way to track your kms and stay motivated. Sign up, make HAA your primary club and begin your virtual lap of Australia!
8th of December 2017 10:20 PM Link
Message image
8th of December 2017 10:15 PM Link
Hi Everyone,

As you probably know, Hearts Across Australia is a huge supporter of the parkrun concept. Indeed, the journey from Perth to Brisbane started and ended with parkrun events, the three #HAAmigos took part in parkruns in all the capital cities (plus Kalgoorlie) along the way, and we received MASSIVE support, encouragement and friendship from parkrunners across the whole of Australia. I (Gary) also happen to be a parkrun Event Director and, more recently, Event Ambassador.

You probably also know that Hearts Across Australia advocates for better lifestyle choices, active lifestyles, the benefits of being active, and encouraging people to work towards better heart health, better overall health, and better mental wellbeing.

You also probably know that our charity focus has been the Heart Foundation, raising money and awareness and also exploring ways to raise money for defibs in the community.

Finally, you may be aware that parkrun Australia has been actively working towards having an Automated External Defibrillators (AED) at every parkrun event, and for new events to have an AED from launch.

So put this all together and what have you got?

Well, I will tell you.... we are currently working towards having an #HAA team at the 2018 Gold Coast Marathon, with 20+ runners taking part in events across the entire weekend over different distances. Being part of this team will allow you to register no and pay later, receive a discount on your entry (as long as we hit 20+ members) and also comes with ZERO charity fundraising requirement / commitment.

However, we WILL have an optional charity focus that team members are encouraged to promote if they so desire, and that charity will be #defibs4parkrun the #parkrun initiative, in conjunction with the Australian Sports Foundation, to raise funds to provide defibs to all parkrun events in Australia.

The fund-raising website currently shows considerable progress towards the goal, and through #HAA2018 we want to help close the $145k gap that currently exists.

parkrun is an amazing concept, an awesome global phenomenon, and is now even being "prescribed" / recommended by health care practitioners in the UK! The physical activity, the community spirit, the sense of belonging, the ability to volunteer and be part of it all... it all creates what has to be a perfect solution to many of society's physical and mental health issues...

parkrun has given so much to Hearts Across Australia, be part of our team for #GCM18 and help us to give back to parkrun!

Register at https://goldcoastmarathon.com.au/enter/
Select Hearts Across Australia as your team, using the PIN code of HAA to confirm

And if you wish to promote the #defibs4parkrun cause, simply point people to this location:

See you on the Gold Coast!
Message image
5th of December 2017 06:00 PM Link
Well I’m in - who’s coming with me? 😊

Team - Hearts Across Australia
#GCM18 #HAA2018
Message image
5th of December 2017 05:44 AM Link
Today’s the day that Gold Coast Marathon registrations open! Who’s excited?

Join the Hearts Across Australia team (pin HAA) for deferred payment, 10% discount and be part of the 40th GCM

Message image
4th of December 2017 10:00 PM Link
#GCM18 entries open tomorrow. Don’t forget to sign up as part of the Hearts Across Australia team, for 10% discount, deferred payment and a chance to be part of the GCM 40th festivities.
Team code is HAA
Message image
28th of November 2017 07:22 PM Link
Be part of one of the best running weekends in Australia. Whether it's marathon, half marathon, or 10km that grabs your attention, be part of the HAA team as we take part in the 40th running of this awesome event.
Event https://www.facebook.com/events/1409381992505459/
Team HAA - Gold Coast Marathon 2018
Be part of one of the best running weekends in Australia. Whether it's marathon, half marathon, or 10km that grabs your ...
29th of June 2018 06:00 PM
31st of October 2017 01:58 PM Link
Nice bling for those who want to head to the Gold Coast next year.... #HAA2018 😊😜
Message image
18th of October 2017 03:05 AM Link
I am absolutely thrilled, humbled, excited and pinching myself as today I am able to announce that I’ve been selected as one of the baton bearers in the 2018 Commonwealth Games Queen’s Baton Relay.

As the baton makes its way to the Gold Coast, I’ll have the honour of carrying the baton as it goes through South Perth on February 24th next year.

All I can say is “wow”. When I started on this journey to lose weight, get fit and run a marathon, little did I know I would end up crossing the country on foot, taking part in the World Masters Games, and now this.

Thank you everyone for your support and the part you’ve played in all of this, and a special thanks to those who nominated me for this incredible honour!
Message image
12th of October 2017 09:03 PM Link
If you're at a loose end this Saturday morning and you happen to be in the Perth area, why not go and run a few kms with David?

4 marathons in October for MyMarathon Australia - awesome stuff!

Event https://www.facebook.com/events/178282159410730/
Marathon 2 - What did I sign up for?!
No 2. of 4 - Hay guys, as some of you know I've started running a lot!! Haha i found a passion in running long distances...
1st of January 1970 08:00 AM
10th of October 2017 08:23 AM Link
One crazy guy with a passion for running and raising awareness (and money) for the Heart Foundation - 4 marathons in October... what more do you need to know? Show some HAA love!
Event https://www.facebook.com/events/178282159410730/
Marathon 2 - What did I sign up for?!
No 2. of 4 - Hay guys, as some of you know I've started running a lot!! Haha i found a passion in running long distances...
1st of January 1970 08:00 AM
26th of September 2017 09:42 PM Link
This one slipped under the radar - amazing man, amazing journey, and he's nearly done!

Eastern states peeps you might like to check out the details!
16th of September 2017 06:05 AM Link
So who's in? Team HAA? Let us know and we'll get things a bit more organised this time 😜

Will be a fantastic 40th "birthday" celebration 😊
Event https://www.facebook.com/events/1493657000673509/
2018 Gold Coast Marathon
Celebrate the special 40th edition of the Gold Coast Marathon and run for the good times on Saturday 30 June – Sunday ...
1st of January 1970 08:00 AM
12th of September 2017 12:37 AM Link
quick shout-out to Ols and best wishes as you recover from your motorbike accident and subsequent operations. great to see you walking in the video you posted the other day - any excuse to get out of doing that marathon eh?
Message image
31st of August 2017 07:37 PM Link
1300km on the open road. Go Kirrily!
28th of July 2017 07:23 AM Link
Awesome initiative from the Heart Foundation - if you don't feel ready to tackle 42.2km in one go, then you can do it at your own pace, in your own time. Walk, run, crawl... whatever suits you best!
#HeartsAcrossAustralia #MyMarathonAU
14th of July 2017 09:16 PM Link
12 months notice on this one. Will create an HAA event for this and aim to have a few of us there for the 40th GC marathon! #GCAM18 #HAA2018
Event https://www.facebook.com/events/1493657000673509/
2018 Gold Coast Marathon
Celebrate the special 40th edition of the Gold Coast Marathon and run for the good times on Saturday 30 June – Sunday ...
1st of January 1970 08:00 AM
13th of June 2017 10:02 AM Link
Join us for a spot of parkrun tourism at Varsity Lakes, coffee/breaky, a casual stroll around the marathon expo.... catch up with Varsity Lakes parkrun ED, Renee, who was at South Bank the day we arrived in Brisbane in 2015!
Event https://www.facebook.com/events/1445116982215051/
GCAM parkrun, breaky and expo
Join us for a spot of parkrun tourism at Varsity Lakes, coffee/breaky, a casual stroll around the marathon expo.... catc...
1st of January 1970 08:00 AM
16th of May 2017 05:04 AM Link
How's this for different? Luke is walking from Fremantle to Melbourne Fed Square, wearing thongs!!

I had the pleasure of chatting to Luke recently and wish him all the very best for what will be an awesome personal adventure!

Go you crazy thing!
25th of April 2017 06:04 PM
25th of April 2017 08:00 AM Link
So Richie Callander of EON Sports Radio has made a bet that if the Bulldogs make the NRL finals then he will walk from Sydney to Melbourne, for charity.

We reckon he should do it anyway 😊 maybe he can time it to arrive in Melbourne at the same time as Wheelsie 😊
Message image
24th of April 2017 02:53 PM Link
Who else is coming???
Message image
Did You Know That You Can Donate to Hearts Across Australia?Every donation small or large is a big step toward helping us raise the $1million dollars for The Heart Foundation!