Follow in Pheidippides’ Footsteps!

pheidippidesWelcome Fellow Out of the Box Thinker!

So have you been inspired by the legacy that Pheidippides gave us? Do you feel the urge to complete a marathon, perhaps your first?

Or perhaps you have simply been inspired by what we have achieved with Hearts Across Australia, and are keen to support us in our mission?

Whatever brought you here, please know that I am delighted and honoured to have your interest, support and (perhaps) involvement in what we are doing, so I invite you now to pop your name and email details below, give an indication of your level of interest, and I will be in touch and also keep you in the loop regarding developments and news about Hearts Across Australia!

Please Note – if you are already receiving updates from HAA, you will be given the option to update your preferences, which will allow you to select from one of the options below. Please do so, as it will help me to provide you with the information you require.

Thank you – Gary


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