Dinner had by 6:30, a whole evening to relax and it's not a rest day? Yup, a sm…

Dinner had by 6:30, a whole evening to relax and it’s not a rest day?

Yup, a small tweak to the schedule, specifically for this 4 week period, has proven to be successful on day one of its use.

As you probably know, we followed a pretty demanding schedule to get to Kalgoorlie and then Norseman. This was deliberate, though the days were quite a bit longer than anticipated.

We were tested, my feet were especially tested, and a lot of great lessons were learned in weeks 1 to 3.

But now we have 1200km of open road, little use for actual rest days and a chance to change things around.

For this 4 week period, the nominal aim is to do 43km, 7 days a week. This preserves the overall weekly total distance, but provides a much earlier finish, which in turn will enable my preference for early starts to be applied. Having a few hours rest each night is better than having 6 late nights then a rest day!

Today I started at about 5:15am, was finished just after 6pm and recorded 47.5km for the day. Much more civilised finish time for all concerned!

Also today it seems that sticking to the Eyre Highway is much kinder to my feet than following the parallel tracks of Great Eastern and Coolgardie-Esperance Hwys

With a smoother, flatter surface, my feet have been punished far less, and I ended the day feeling much better than I have previously. Obviously this is on the back of a rest day, but I reckon we have a sustainable schedule for the next few weeks for sure!

So why 47.5 and not 43km? Because I walked to where the campervan is parked up, adding a few kms and also ensuring I can get started quickly in the morning – no need to be dropped off at the finish location.

Throwing in a few extras now and then will chip away at the distance and buy a little flexibility as and when needed.

Oh and we still haven’t seen any live kangaroos lol

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